How it Works

We make SCOOPS so they can make more soups

I create scoops and spoons. They are hand carved, one-of-a-kind, small artistic wood objects. When I complete a scoop/spoon, I will offer it up for "adoption."
​The next opportunity to adopt a scoop will be at the Museum of Art in Wood, Bandsaw Bash on April 19.  Scoop Kitchen will be partnering with the Museum of Art in Wood and PhilAbundance. Proceeds from the auction, 3 scoops/spoons donated by Scoop Kitchen, will be split between The Museum of Art in Wood and Philabudamce. 
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Why it Matters

3 million school-age children go to school without breakfast. On average, students who eat breakfast score 17% higher on  standardized testing. It Matters.
A $200 donation for a scoop = 2000 meals for kids (source:

It takes a village...

to feed a village... Thank you to the following people for helping me get this project off the ground:  Helen Tai, Dan Zobel, Roy Chaleff, Scott Creighton, Bonnie Chang, Bob Hsu, Ruth Morpeth, Michael Vecchiarelli, Lyn Farrugia, Mark Sfirri, and Bill Hoehne.